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IPL Treatment
FEATURED TREATMENT IPL Treatment for Acne, Pigmentation, and Other Skin Concerns

sometimes known as a photo facial, skin resurfacing or photo-rejuvenation, is a non-invasive process that helps to improve your skin’s appearance and texture.

IPL Acne treatment can greatly improve the appearance of your skin, reduce your acne, while at the same time treat the redness and pigmentation of your skin.

At Skin Expert Advanced Aesthetic Clinic, I offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, a highly effective solution for acne, pigmentation, and a range of skin concerns. IPL utilizes targeted light energy to address specific problem areas, effectively reducing acne breakouts, fading pigmentation, and improving overall skin tone and texture.

This non-invasive treatment delivers remarkable results, with noticeable improvements often seen after the first session.

Experience the transformative benefits of IPL and achieve a clearer, more radiant complexion with me.

IPL is a Non-invasive Solution

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses a non-laser high-intensity source of light to treat spider veins, as well as a variety of other skin problems.

IPL treats spider veins by heating and damaging the walls of the blood vessel. This causes them to collapse and disappear over time. A consultation is needed to access your skin needs and whether or not this treatment is suitable for you. You can book a free consultation to get your skin assessed and the perfect option can be chosen just for you!

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